Special Issue "Activism – Radicalization – Protest"; Guest Editors: Katarzyna Jaśko & Tomasz Besta [Vol. 13 No. 4 (2018)]

The goal of this Special Section is to gather up-to-date research that explores when, how, and why people engage in radical vs. normative behaviors for their groups and/or important values. We plan to include research illuminating the psychological mechanisms that underlie political activism, pro-group sacrifice, and collective action on behalf of various social and political causes. It is a topic that is highly relevant to the socio-political dynamics of the contemporary world, which is not only an important aspect of social and political psychology but also has important implications for practitioners and policy-makers. Theme of the section Political polarization, the rise of radical groups, and massive pro- and anti-governmental demonstrations are common issues facing many societies around the world nowadays.

Research Article