Author Policies — Overview

To ensure ethical standards and best practices of scholarly publishing Social Psychological Bulletin (SPB) has implemented a set of editorial policies. Authors publishing in Social Psychological Bulletin (SPB) are required to follow SPB's Author Policies. These policies concern:

  • Authorship. Authorship implies credit and accountability. Credit requires substantial contributions to the published work, accountability presupposes awareness of and approval to this work. Therefore the Journal adheres to common and transparent standards for authorship.
  • Originality of Submissions, Preprint Policy. The aim of the journal is to publish new, unpublished results of research project. Therefore, secondary, redundant or fragmented (piecmeal) publications are generally not accepted. However, preprints are not considered as a prior publication and therefore are not a barrier to submitting to SPB. 
  • Transparency and Reproducibility. Transparency and reproducibility are basic values of scientific research. The Journal has committed itself to compliance with a set of transparency and openness standards (TOP-Guidelines).
  • Competing Interests and Financial or Non-Financial Support. Authors of research papers have to disclose competing interests as well as support received in conducting the research. Author’s disclosure statements are published with the paper.
  • Research Involving Human and Animal Participants, Research Involving Children, Adolescents, and Vulnerable or Incapacitated Study Participants. All manuscripts reporting studies that involve human or animal participants, children, adolescents, and vulnerable or incapacitated study participants must include an ethics statement confirming compliance with recognized ethical standards and local guidelines.