Social Psychological Bulletin (Psychologia Społeczna) accepts submissions in the following forms:

Article type Word count Max number of figures or tables Max number of references
Short research reports - main body of the article should report empirical results. To discuss more nuanced findings please make good use of the space reserved for supplementary materials 3.500 30
Research and review articles - empirical or theoretical papers 8.000 4 50
Target articles - if accepted will be accompanied by invited commentaries from specialists in the field 8.000 4 50
Methodological articles - presentations of psychological methods and instruments 8.000 4 50
Registered Reports - research articles in which methods and proposed analyses are pre-registered and peer-reviewed prior to research being conducted. Once the protocol is accepted and the study is completed the authors are invited to submit the article including results and discussion sections. This format is open to replications as well as original research. 8.000 4 50

The final publication (after peer-review) must not exceed 8,000 words in length (excluding only references) with a limit of 4 figures and 50 references. The supplementary materials do not have a word count nor figure/table/reference limit.