Call for Papers: Special Topic of Social Psychological Bulletin on the Interaction Between Gender and Language

Special Topic: The gendered language (r)evolution: interdisciplinary insights into the interaction between gender and language

Guest Editors: Carmen Cervone, Jennifer Lewendon & Anne Maass

Gender is a construct in constant evolution. At the same time, the way we talk about gender(s) is also evolving in order to describe previously invisible and unrecognized identities, and to include women and gender minorities in roles that were previously reserved for men. In one sense, language can pose a barrier to gender equality and to the recognition of gender minorities. In another, language can also be used as a tool – wielded strategically to overcome such barriers and promote inclusion and diversity.

We invite submissions to a Special Topic of Social Psychological Bulletin to address the challenges and opportunities language can present to increasing gender inclusivity and diversity. We aim to bridge the fields of social psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and linguistics, and to incorporate diversity in gender conceptualization (e.g., non-binary identities, gender identity threats) and linguistic features (grammatical gender, subtle language variations, voice). Possible topics include (but are not limited to) processing of linguistic gender cues in written and spoken language, gender neutral labels and pronouns, androcentric language, and social grammar in its broadest sense. We invite contributions using a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methods (i.e., behavioural, neuroscientific, archival, experimental, theoretical) to promote discussion and awareness of ongoing research across a variety of fields. We particularly encourage submissions from junior researchers and researchers from non-WEIRD countries.

Proposal submissions are optional but strongly recommended; they should be submitted by September 15th and will be reviewed by September 30th, 2023. To submit a proposal, email the proposed title, author list and affiliation, and a brief description (500 words max.) that includes methodology to

Submission deadline: Manuscripts must be submitted by December 31, 2023.

Submissions will be evaluated based on the rigor of the methods and analyses, transparency and completeness of reporting, ethical soundness, quality of reasoning, clarity of presentation, calibration of conclusions to evidence, and the originality of the ideas presented.

Social Psychological Bulletin is a diamond open access journal. All accepted manuscripts will be published open access and will be free for authors and for readers.

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